An unauthenticated, remote attacker could upload malicious logic to the devices based on ProConOS/ProConOS eCLR in order to gain full control over the device.Read More ...

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ASUS Control Center API has a broken access control vulnerability. An unauthenticated remote attacker can call privileged API functions to perform partial system operations or cause partial disrupt of ...

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ASUS Control Center is vulnerable to SQL injection. An authenticated remote attacker with general user privilege can inject SQL command to specific API parameters to acquire database schema or access ...

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Hardcoded credentials in the Ricoh myPrint application for Windows and 2.2.7 for Android give access to any externally disclosed myPrint WSDL API, as demonstrated by discovering API secrets of ...

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In CIMTechniques CIMScan 6.x through 6.2, the SOAP WSDL parser allows attackers to execute SQL code.Read More ...

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ruby:2.5 security update

ruby [2.5.9-109.0.1] - Rebuild with a dependency containing fix for Orabug: 33921593 [2.5.9-109] - Properly fix command injection vulnerability in Rdoc. Related: CVE-2021-31799 [2.5.9-108] - Fix comma ...

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Google Researchers Detail 5-Year-Old Apple Safari Vulnerability Exploited in the Wild

[![Apple Safari Vulnerability]( ...

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Vulnerability in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure product of Oracle Cloud Services. Easily exploitable vulnerability allows high privileged attacker with network access to compromise Oracle Cloud Infra ...

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