APIs to evaluate content with Velocity is a package for APIs to evaluate content with Velocity. Starting with version 2.3 and prior to 12.6.7, 12.10.3, and 13.0, the velocity scripts are not properly ...

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The package git-pull-or-clone before 2.0.2 are vulnerable to Command Injection due to the use of the --upload-pack feature of git which is also supported for git clone. The source includes the use of ...

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The admin API module in the QuizGame extension for MediaWiki through 1.37.2 (before 665e33a68f6fa1167df99c0aa18ed0157cdf9f66) omits a check for the quizadmin user. ...

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Arbitrary filesystem write access from velocity.

### Impact The velocity scripts is not properly sandboxed against using the Java File API to perform read or write operations on the filesystem. Now writing an attacking script in velocity requires th ...

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The iot-manager microservice 1.0.0 in Mender Enterprise before 3.2.2 allows SSRF because the Azure IoT Hub integration provides several SSRF primitives that can execute cross-tenant acti ...

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Zoho ManageEngine Access Manager Plus before 4302, Password Manager Pro before 12007, and PAM360 before 5401 are vulnerable to access-control bypass on a few Rest API URLs (for SSOutAction. SSLAction. ...

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Cross-site Scripting in org.owasp.esapi:esapi

### Impact There is a potential for an XSS vulnerability in ESAPI caused by a incorrect regular expression for "onsiteURL" in the **antisamy-esapi.xml** configuration file that can cause URLs with the ...

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Path traversal in the OWASP Enterprise Security API

### Impact The default implementation of `Validator.getValidDirectoryPath(String, String, File, boolean)` may incorrectly treat the tested input string as a child of the specified parent directory. Th ...

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