Security Bulletin: A security vulnerability has been identified in WebSphere Application Server shipped with IBM InfoSphere Global Name Management (CVE-2016-8919)

## Summary WebSphere Application Server is shipped as a component of IBM InfoSphere Global Name Management. Information about a security vulnerability affecting WebSphere Application Server has been p ...

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When a user access SOAP Web services in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform - version 420, 430, it does not sufficiently validate the XML document accepted from an untrusted source, whi ...

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Link Found Connecting Chaos, Onyx and Yashma Ransomware

For a year now, threat actors have been using different versions of the same ransomware builder – “Chaos” – to attack governments, corporations and healthcare facilities. Now researchers from ...

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RST Threat feed. IOC:

Found **nature-soap[.]com** in [RST Threat Feed](https://rstclo...Read More ...

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Ladon since 0.6.1 (since ebef0aae48af78c159b6fce81bc6f5e7e0ddb059) is affected by: XML External Entity (XXE). The impact is: Information Disclosure, reading files and reaching internal network endpoin ...

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new module: php:8.0

This enhancement update adds the php:8.0 module to AlmaLinux (BZ#1978356) For detailed information on changes in this release, see the AlmaLinux Release Notes linked from the References section.Read M ...

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