Deserialization of Untrusted Data in Apache Dubbo

Apache Dubbo prior to 2.6.9 and 2.7.10 by default supports generic calls to arbitrary methods exposed by provider interfaces. These invocations are handled by the GenericFilter which will find the ser ...

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What is JSON-RPC ? Definition, Work, Comparison

Just like everything else, the world of API protocols is evolving. Typical [SOAP]() and REST APIs have many companies like GraphQL, gRPC, and Thrift. JSON-RPC is also on the list. Created to develop f ...

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API Security Tutorial

**Historial API Evolution** As per the documented history, the occurrence of web APIs transpired towards the end of 1990 with the launch of Salesforce’s sales automation solution. At that point in tim ...

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API security?—?Wiki: What is ? Why ? For PenTest & Best Practice

### API security — Wiki: What is ? Why ? For PenTest & Best Practice **What does api mean?** For beginners, API refers to the Application Programming Interface designed for effortless communicatio ...

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Security update for trivy (moderate)

An update that fixes two vulnerabilities is now available. Description: This update for trivy fixes the following issues: trivy was updated to version 0.28.0 (boo#1199760, CVE-2022-28946): * ...

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Onion Omega2 Login Brute-Force

OnionOS login scanner module for Onion Omega2 devices.Read More ...

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Nexus Repository Manager 3 new vulnerability has been used in mining Trojan spread, users are advised to fix as soon as possible-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

Recently, Ali cloud security monitoring to watchbog mining Trojan use the new exposure of the Nexus Repository Manager 3 remote code execution vulnerability(CVE-2019-7238)for attack and mining the eve ...

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QRadar Community Edition Server Side Request Forgery Vulnerability

QRadar Community Edition version has an issue where the RssFeedItem class of the QRadar web application is used to fetch and parse RSS feeds. No validation is performed on the user-supplied RS ...

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