Extensible Service Proxy, a.k.a. ESP is a proxy which enables API management capabilities for JSON/REST or gRPC API services. ESPv1 can be configured to authenticate a JWT token. Its verified JWT clai ...

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Google Extensible Service Proxy Header Forgery

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An out-of-bounds memory read vulnerability was found in envoyproxy/envoy. When using one of the following envoy extensions, it is possible to modify and increase the request or response body size of t ...

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LengthPrefixedMessageReader in gRPC Swift 1.1.0 and earlier allocates buffers of arbitrary length, which allows remote attackers to cause uncontrolled resource consumption and deny service.Read More ...

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HTTP2ToRawGRPCServerCodec in gRPC Swift 1.1.1 and earlier allows remote attackers to deny service via the delivery of many small messages within a single HTTP/2 frame, leading to Uncontrolled Recursio ...

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Mismanaged state in GRPCWebToHTTP2ServerCodec.swift in gRPC Swift 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 allows remote attackers to deny service by sending malformed requests.Read More ...

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Juniper Junos OS Multiple DoS Vulnerabilities (JSA11167)

The version of Junos OS installed on the remote host is affected by multiple denial of service vulnerabilities as referenced in the JSA11167 advisory: - Some HTTP/2 implementations are vulnerable to ...

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[SECURITY] Fedora 34 Update: golang-github-containerd-ttrpc-1.1.0-1.fc34

GRPC for low-memory environments. The existing grpc-go project requires a lot of memory overhead for importing packages and at runtime. While this is great for many services with low den sity require ...

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