Missing validation causes denial of service via `LSTMBlockCell`

### Impact The implementation of [`tf.raw_ops.LSTMBlockCell`](https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/blob/f3b9bf4c3c0597563b289c0512e98d4ce81f886e/tensorflow/core/kernels/rnn/lstm_ops.cc) does not f ...

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Access to Unix domain socket can lead to privileges escalation in Cilium

### Impact Users with host file system access on a node and the privileges to run as group ID 1000 can gain access to the per node API of Cilium via Unix domain socket on the host where Cilium is runn ...

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A vulnerability classified as critical has been found in Cardo Systems Scala Rider Q3. Affected is the file /cardo/api of the Cardo-Updater. Unauthenticated remote code execution with root permissions ...

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Use of a Broken or Risky Cryptographic Algorithm in XWiki Crypto API

### Impact XWiki Crypto API will generate X509 certificates signed by default using SHA1 with RSA, which is not considered safe anymore for use in certificate signatures, due to the risk of collisions ...

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RST Threat feed. IOC: api.filtercommand.com

Found **api[.]filtercommand.com** in [RST Threat Feed](https://...Read More ...

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RST Threat feed. IOC: api.dom-ua.online

Found **api[.]dom-ua.online** in [RST Threat Feed](https://rstc...Read More ...

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RST Threat feed. IOC: api.elementaryprocess.com

Found **api[.]elementaryprocess.com** in [RST Threat Feed](http...Read More ...

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RST Threat feed. IOC: api.essentialarchive.com

Found **api[.]essentialarchive.com** in [RST Threat Feed](https...Read More ...

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