Updated apache packages fix security vulnerabilities

Serving WebSocket protocol upgrades over a HTTP/2 connection could result in a Null Pointer dereference, leading to a crash of the server process, degrading performance. (CVE-2024-36387) Encoding problem in mod_proxy in Apache HTTP Server 2.4.59 and earlier allows request URLs with incorrect encoding to be sent to backend services, potentially bypassing authentication via crafted requests. (CVE-2024-38473) Substitution encoding issue in mod_rewrite in Apache HTTP Server 2.4.59 and earlier allows attacker to execute scripts in directories permitted by the configuration but not directly reachable by any URL or source disclosure of scripts meant to only to be executed as CGI. Some RewriteRules that capture and substitute unsafely will now fail unless rewrite flag "UnsafeAllow3F" is specified. (CVE-2024-38474) Improper escaping of output in mod_rewrite in Apache HTTP Server 2.4.59 and earlier allows an attacker to map URLs to filesystem locations that are permitted to be served by the server but are not intentionally/directly reachable by any URL, resulting in code execution or source code disclosure. Substitutions in server context that use a backreferences or variables as the first segment of the substitution are affected. Some unsafe RewiteRules will be broken by this change and the rewrite flag "UnsafePrefixStat" can be used to opt back in once ensuring the substitution is appropriately constrained. (CVE-2024-38475) Vulnerability in core of Apache HTTP Server 2.4.59 and…Read More

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