CVE-2024-36112 Nautobot dynamic-group-members doesn’t enforce permission restrictions on member objects

Nautobot is a Network Source of Truth and Network Automation Platform. A user with permissions to view Dynamic Group records (extras.view_dynamicgroup permission) can use the Dynamic Group detail UI view (/extras/dynamic-groups/<uuid>/) and/or the members REST API view (/api/extras/dynamic-groups/<uuid>/members/) to list the objects that are members of a given Dynamic Group. In versions of Nautobot between 1.3.0 (where the Dynamic Groups feature was added) and 1.6.22 inclusive, and 2.0.0 through 2.2.4 inclusive, Nautobot fails to restrict these listings based on the member object permissions – for example a Dynamic Group of Device objects will list all Devices that it contains, regardless of the user's dcim.view_device permissions or lack thereof. This issue has been fixed in Nautobot versions 1.6.23 and 2.2.5. Users are advised to upgrade. This vulnerability can be partially mitigated by removing extras.view_dynamicgroup permission from users however a full fix will require…Read More

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