Android malware, Android malware and more Android malware

Introduction Malware for mobile devices is something we come across very often. In 2023, our technologies blocked 33.8 million malware, adware, and riskware attacks on mobile devices. One of 2023's most resonant attacks was Operation Triangulation, targeting iOS, but that was rather a unique case. Among the mobile platforms, Android remains the most popular target operating system for cybercriminals. Last month, we wrote a total of four private crimeware reports on Android malware, three of which are summarized below. To learn more about our crimeware reporting service, you can contact us at [email protected]. Tambir Tambir is an Android backdoor that targets users in Turkey. It disguises itself as an IPTV app, but does not manifest any such functionality. Instead, it is a full-fledged spyware application that collects SMS messages, keystrokes, etc. Upon starting, the application shows a screen that asks the user in Turkish to enable the accessibility service. Once it is granted all the permissions, the app obtains a C2 address from a public source, such as Telegram, ICQ or Twitter/X. Next, the application shapeshifts by changing its icon to that of YouTube. Encrypted C2 address in a chat invitation Tambir supports more then 30 commands that it can retrieve from the C2. These include starting and stopping the keylogger, running an application specified by the attacker, sending SMS messages, dialing a number and so on. We found certain similarities between…Read More

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