avro vs protobuf

A Kickoff Discussion on Core Aspects of Avro & Protobuf When deliberating on the subject of data structure encoding, a tandem of tools frequently emerges in technical discussions: Avro and Protobuf. Originating from a vision of precise data compression, the distinguishable features and applications of these two tools form a fascinating subject. Our joint exploration of their characteristics will impart a profound comprehension of their functionalities, grounding us perfectly for comparative analysis in the succeeding chapters. Emerging from the bustling community of Apache's Hadoop agenda, Avro, the abbreviation for Apache Avro, is a module committed to data serialization. Avro exploits JSON to characterize data models and protocols and condenses serialized information into a binary format. Its roles primarily lie in the heart of the Apache Hadoop system, where it supports the system's ever-present need for continuous data serialization. Furthermore, it encourages communication amongst Hadoop modules and initiates interactions from client-focused applications towards Hadoop services. Here's an example of how an Avro schema is represented: <code class="language-json">{ "type": "record", "name": "User", "fields": [ {"name": "name", "type": "string"}, {"name": "age", "type": "int"} ] }</code> On the other side of this discussion,…Read More

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