Amazon Linux 2023 : containerd, containerd-stress (ALAS2023-2024-499)

It is, therefore, affected by multiple vulnerabilities as referenced in the ALAS2023-2024-499 advisory. A malicious HTTP/2 client which rapidly creates requests and immediately resets them can cause excessive server resource consumption. While the total number of requests is bounded by the http2.Server.MaxConcurrentStreams setting, resetting an in-progress request allows the attacker to create a new request while the existing one is still executing. With the fix applied, HTTP/2 servers now bound the number of simultaneously executing handler goroutines to the stream concurrency limit (MaxConcurrentStreams). New requests arriving when at the limit (which can only happen after the client has reset an existing, in-flight request) will be queued until a handler exits. If the request queue grows too large, the server will terminate the connection. This issue is also fixed in for users manually configuring HTTP/2. The default stream concurrency limit is 250 streams (requests) per HTTP/2 connection. This value may be adjusted using the package; see the Server.MaxConcurrentStreams setting and the ConfigureServer function. (CVE-2023-39325) OpenTelemetry-Go Contrib is a collection of third-party packages for OpenTelemetry-Go. Prior to version 0.46.0, the grpc Unary Server Interceptor out of the box adds labels net.peer.sock.addr and net.peer.sock.port that have unbound cardinality. It…Read More

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