This Week in Spring – May 23rd, 2023

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of _This Week in Spring_! It’s May 23rd and, famously, nothing major has happened in the last week OH WAIT WE RELEASED SPRING BOOT 3.1! Have you checked it out yet? It’s dope. I did a _Spring Tips_ installment [looking at some of its features here]() that you might like.

Friends, we’ve got a ton of stuff to get into this week, so let’s dive right into it!

* [Spring Boot 3.1 is now available!]()
* If you want to learn all about Spring Boot 3.1 (and why wouldn’t you?), watch this [Spring Tips installment: _Go fast with Spring Boot 3.1_]()
* [Spring Boot 3.0.7 available now, fixing CVE-2023-20883](). There’s also a [Spring Boot 2.7x line fix for the same issue]() and one for [Spring Boot 2.5]()
* [Happy 28th birthday, Java!]()
* Tomorrow! I’ll be doing a webinar with Marcus Hellberg over at Vaadin called [_Bootiful development with Spring Boot 3 and Vaadin_ ]()
* Matt Raible’s updated his article showing how to [build a beautiful CRUD application with Spring Boot and Angular]()
* In last week’s installment of _A Bootiful Podcast_, I talked [to Grubhub’s John Burns]() about their use of Kotlin and Spring Boot
* Our friends over at AtomicJar just posted a fantastic blog [looking at Testcontainers-local development with Spring Boot 3.1]()
* [Custom WebFlux Exceptions in Spring Boot 3]()
* [Hibernate Natural IDs in Spring Boot]()
* [Congrats Ronald Dehuysser on the new JobRunr release supporting Spring Boot 3.1.0]()
* [Shared Secret Authentication in Spring Boot Application]()
* [Spring Integration 6.1 goes GA]()
* [Spring for GraphQL 1.2.0 released]()
* Mon cher ami Mahmoud looks at the tantalyzing opportunity that is CRaC, which we just announced Spring Framework will support _soon_: [What the CRaC?!]()
* [Let’s goooo! The Microsoft Build of OpenJDK has been optimized for #Azure Arm64 VMs. It takes advantage of CPU-specific features that improve scalability. Take a deep look at optimizations]()
* Periodic remidner for those who don’t know: [you should be using Java 17]()
* Not for nothing, but if you want some beautiful wallpapers, [Jetbrains has made their splash screen art available][]Read More

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