This Week in Spring – March 14th, 2023

Hi, Spring fans! Happy Pi (π) day! And, welcome to another installment of _This Week in Spring_! It’s pouring cats and dogs here in San Francisco! The news is talking about _atmospheric rivers_; I don’t know what that means but I don’t know that I want to find out. Anyway, all that to say: I’m glad as always for an opportunity to stay indoors and learn. We’ve got a lot to review this week so let’s dive right into it!

* I did a video for our friends at Jetbrains on the IntelliJ IDEA Youtube channel and people seem to like it. Perhaps you will too? [Bootiful Spring Boot 3 – YouTube]() In it, I look at just some of the amazing new features in Spring Boot 3.
* [The SpringOne@Explore Calls for Paper is Open!]()
* [A Bootiful Podcast: Google Cloud Java Advocate Aaron Wanjala]()
* [API First Development with Spring Boot and OpenAPI 3.0]()
* [Announcing Spring Cloud GCP 4.0 | Google Cloud Blog]()
* [Build a CRUD Rest API in Java using Spring boot, Hibernate, Postgres, Docker and Docker Compose]()
* Did you know Java now has `records`? And that `records` are amazingly flexible? [Custom Constructor in Java Records]()
* My buddy Francesco did a video – from the perspective of someone who hasn’t worked with Java all that much – on how to build a CRUD application in Java. [Java CRUD Rest API using Spring Boot, Hibernate, Postgres, Docker and Docker Compose]() Very interesting, and worth a read!
* This is an interesting look at the [Maven Reactor](). Nice! I think demystifying some of this stuff will make Maven a lot more approachable to a lot of people.
* [Release Vaadin Flow 24.0.0 · vaadin/flow]() Congrats to the Vaadin team on their new release of Vaadin, which is also compatible with Spring Boot 3.
* Interesting: what if you want to [`TRUNCATE` a table in Spring Data JPA]()?
* [Testing Spring OAuth2 Access-Control]()
* This isn’t strictly speaking related to Spring, but it’s very useful as a diagnostic aid, either way. It’s how to [ use jOOQ’s `DiagnosticsConnection` to detect N+1 Queries – Java, SQL and jOOQ.]()
* [Learn about #SpringBoot tooling in #VisualStudioCode from experts at Microsoft and VMware. Get the Spring Boot Dashboard for Visual Studio Code here]()Read More

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