Oracle Linux 8 : firefox (ELSA-2023-0288)

The remote Oracle Linux 8 host has a package installed that is affected by multiple vulnerabilities as referenced in the ELSA-2023-0288 advisory.

– When copying a network request from the developer tools panel as a curl command the output was not being properly sanitized and could allow arbitrary commands to be hidden within. (CVE-2023-23599)

– Navigations were being allowed when dragging a URL from a cross-origin iframe into the same tab which could lead to website spoofing attacks (CVE-2023-23601)

– Regular expressions used to filter out forbidden properties and values from style directives in calls to console.log weren’t accounting for external URLs. Data could then be potentially exfiltrated from the browser. (CVE-2023-23603)

– Due to the Thunderbird GTK wrapper code’s use of text/plain for drag data and GTK treating all text/plain MIMEs containing file URLs as being dragged a website could arbitrarily read a file via a call to DataTransfer.setData. (CVE-2023-23598)

– An out of date library (libusrsctp) contained vulnerabilities that could potentially be exploited. This vulnerability affects Firefox Read More

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