A week in security (January 16—22)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs:

* [Google to support the use of Rust in Chromium]()
* [Law enforcement app SweepWizard leaks data on crime suspects]()
* [Accountant ordered to pay ex-employer after bossware shows “time theft”]()
* [TikTok dances to the tune of $5.4m cookie fine]()
* [“Untraceable” surveillance firm sued for scraping Facebook and Instagram data]()
* [Fighting technology’s gender gap with TracketPacer: Lock and Code S04E02]()
* [Web skimmer found on website of Liquor Control Board of Ontario]()
* [University suffers leaks, shutdowns at the hands of Vice Society]()
* [Update now! Proof of concept code to be released for Zoho ManageEngine vulnerability]()
* [CircleCI: Malware stole GitHub OAuth keys, bypassing 2FA]()
* [LastPass users should move their crypto funds, experts warn]()
* [Update now! Two critical flaws in Git’s code found, patched]()
* [Google sponsored ads lead to rogue imitation sites]()
* [Ransomware money laundering operation disrupted, founder arrested]()
* [Credit card fraud group member could get up to 30 years in jail]()
* [Mailchimp breach feels like deja vu]()

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