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# Description:

1. Hello @bookwyrm-social I found a tabnabbing vulnerability. attack is possible due to “taget=_blank“ or Tab nabbing via window.opener.

### VISIT:- ““


1. I was browsing the site and found a tabnabbing vulnerability . As per the observation I found that attack is possible due to taget=_blank or Tab nabbing via window.opener. When you open a link in a new tab ( target=”_blank” ), the page that opens in a new tab can access the initial tab and change it’s location using the window.opener property.


1. 1- Open the website URL :- ““
2. 2- Right-click and click on inspect element

3. 3- Locate the cursor to Element Tab then do “CTRL+F or Search for taget=”_blank”“

4. 4- If you get blank with a link it means website can be vulnerable like , open redirect like vulnerabilities
5. 5- For More Details To Check the POC

# POC Screenshot 1:


# POC Screenshot 2:



In order to mitigate this issue, developers are encouraged to use rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer” as follows:

Don’t open links in new tabs using the target=”_blank”
Add attribute rel=”noreferrer” which also disables referrer
Set the window.opener attribute to null on the new tab before redirecting, like this:

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1. ““
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