This Week in Spring – May 17th, 2022

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of _This Week in Spring_! I am in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, this week, ahead of the upcoming Spring I/O show. I just spent a wonderful week in amazing England, meeting old friends, speaking at Devoxx UK, etc.

* [A Bootiful Podcast: EasyMock contributor, Java Champion, and Java luminary Henri Tremblay]()
* Also, while we’re on the topic of Spring Boot 2.7, remember that Spring for GraphQL is also 1.0 this week! I’m so excited 🙂
* [Example of Spring Cloud Function with AWS Lambda]()
* [I love this – the Activiti 7 developer’s guide – showcases some cool patterns and principles for building service-centric workflow solutions with Spring Boot and Activiti ]()
* [a handy tip from Maciej Walkowiak on Twitter that Spring Boot 2.7 (due – :checks notes: – _this week_!) adds native support for Jackson Mixins with `@JsonMixin` annotation]()
* [Speed time to developer productivity with v0.12 release of VMware Tanzu Community Edition]()
* [Spring Boot — Serverless AWS Lambda With API Gateway | by Apurv Sheth | May, 2022 | Medium]()
* [Spring Data 2021.2 and 2022.0 M4 released.]()
* [Spring Framework 5.3.20 and 5.2.22 available now]()
* [Spring Framework 6.0.0-M4 available now]()
* [Spring Transaction Debugging in Production with Lightrun]()
* [this article by our own dr. Mark Pollack was written in 1999 and laid the groundwork for what would become EJBDoclet and XDoclet]()
* [🚀 New in Spring Framework 6: HTTP Interfaces]()
* [Blog: Kubernetes 1.24: Volume Populators Graduate to Beta]()
* [Blog: Kubernetes 1.24: gRPC container probes in beta]()Read More

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