Improper Restriction of XML External Entity Reference vulnerability in MIM Assistant and Client DICOM RTst Loading modules allows XML Entity Linking / XML External Entities Blowup.

In order to take advantage of this vulnerability, an attacker must
craft a malicious XML document, embed this document into specific 3rd
party private RTst metadata tags, transfer the now compromised
DICOM object to MIM, and force MIM to archive and load the data.

Users on either version are strongly encouraged to update to an unaffected version (7.2.11+, 7.3.4+).

This issue was found and analyzed by MIM Software’s internal security team.  We are unaware of any proof of concept or actual exploit available in the wild.

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This issue affects MIM Assistant: 7.2.10, 7.3.3; MIM Client: 7.2.10, 7.3.3.Read More

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