This Week in Spring – September 12th, 2023

Hi, Spring fans! Welcome to another installment of _This Week in Spring_! How are you this fine 12th of September? I’m doing alright, elated, even. I’ve just returned from beautiful Oslo, Norway, and I’ve got a busy 30 days or so ahead, starting today. I’m visiting Seattle, WA; Mexico City, Mexico; Dallas, TX; Singapore (SpringOne Singapore); Antwerp, Belgium (Devoxx BE!); London, United Kingdom; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and (maybe) parts of Germany. Keep an eye on my [socials]() and [videos]() for details as those dates and duties become clearer. Anyway, we’ve got a ton to look into this week, so let’s dive right into it.

* [Introducing Spring AI]()
* Another solid video from _Spring In Action_ legend Craig Walls: [Spring AI and Embeddings]()
* [A Bootiful Podcast: Spring Security lead Rob Winch]()
* [All together now: Spring Boot 3.2, GraalVM native images, Java 21, and virtual threads with Project Loom,]()
* [all the SpringOne 2023 videos are now live]()
* I love the possibilities of Java’s [Project Leyden – Capturing Lightning in a Bottle]()
* [Spring Commercial Support Extension]()
* [SpringBoot virtual threads vs webflux: Performance comparison for JWT verify and MySQL query]()
* [The Top Programming Languages 2023 – IEEE Spectrum]() – the rumours of Java’s demise are _greatly_ exxagerated.
* [Spring legend Sebastien Deleuze]() says: “I have worked on several improvements in Spring Framework 6.1 that will bring Kotlin Coroutines support to the next level: Spring AOP support, propagation in functional or annotation-based filters, new context DSL. Feedback appreciated!”
* [Blog: Comparing Local Kubernetes Development Tools: Telepresence, Gefyra, and mirrord]()Read More

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